Четырехкомнатная квартира 3+1 видом на город и море

Артикул: №S342
630 €

Апартаменты в курортном городе Влера

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Цена 630 € m2
Город Влера
Адрес Есть
Площадь 144
Этажность 10
Этаж 8
Ко-во комнат 4
Балкон 2
Санузел (WC) 2

3 + 1 apartment with 2 toilets and 2 balconies.

One balcony is large around the perimeter and one small for a separate room

When buying, a choice of 8 options for flooring/laminate and 8 options for tiles - all included in the price per square meter.


Premium home. On high floors there is a view of the sea, everywhere there is plumbing, double glazed windows (windows) the walls of the house are made with soundproofing, pipes for the air conditioner are already mounted in the wall, hot and cold water is drawn to the balcony for the summer kitchen, the price also includes sun shades for the balcony. Very high-quality entrance and interior doors, elevator from Italy.

The house has an underground garage - you can buy separately. Equipped with the latest technology in the garage rubber coating. Elevator from the garage directly to the apartment.


There is camera video surveillance throughout the house! Additionally, the house has a water tank and a separate pump, in case there is no water in the city, this house will always be.